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Welcome to the Common Sense Department

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Michigan Family Court is a Joke...

The state of Michigan says that it is a state that supports keeping families together, that it wants to be able to keep children with their biological parents if at all possible.  However, with my own experience with the family court system here in Michigan as evidence, I can tell you that I have never heard a larger load of shit in my life.  The government just tells people that they are pro-family to look good.  When it actually comes down to it, they have absolutely no programs in place to assist parents with getting their kids back, and they make it almost impossible to do so because it lines their pockets with federal dough to keep kids in the system.  If they actually were pro-family, they would have counselling services in place for the parents and kids for after the kids are in the system that would help the parents work on the issues needing to be fixed in order for them to get their children back.  They would have an advocacy program set up for parents so that court proceedings regarding the children don't just railroad the parents into getting their rights terminated.  They would have programs in place to assist the parents with finding stable employment, learning financial stability, parenting tips and stress-coping skills, and programs that would provide parents with the resources to acquire the needed material items necessary to taking care of the children once they are back in the family home.  Instead, parents are left to try to fix things themselves with agencies breathing down their necks about everything they are doing wrong, but no help to do it right.  Parents in this state have no chance at fixing their mistakes and being able to get their kids back unless they are loaded rich.  In which case, most of the time, they wouldn't end up in that situation to begin with because they would have the assets available to keep the state off their back, regardless of what they are doing wrong.  Yet another brilliant example of how screwed up our country has become that the government agencies only care about how much federal funding they can get, so they go out of their way to make it harder for kids to get out of the system than into it.  And they wonder why crime rates are high and prisons are full.  Its been scientifically proven that kids raised in the foster care system are more predisposed to growing up to be criminals than children who are raised with their biological families, yet they continue to perpetuate the problem because it gets them federal funding in the short term.  But the long term effects of this kind of blatant disregard for the natural order is that our prisons are over-crowded and under-funded and our streets are over-run with foster-care-children-turned-adult-criminals thanks to our greedy local politicians and government agency heads.  I am tired of all the dead-ends and wild goose chases that the family court likes to send parents on.  I am sick of all these stuck-up, self-important pricks who do nothing more than sit behind a desk and push paper all day trying to tell me that there is nothing I can do.  And while, admittedly, blowing up the government buildings and making them start over fresh with a new system sounds like a wonderful idea some days, I am not looking to get thrown in the slammer.  I just want my kids back, and if I have to start a political war and work my ass off to get the government to start setting up these badly needed programs, then so be it.  I just hope that I can find other people out there who see what I see and are willing to fight to make things right.      

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