Welcome to the Common Sense Department

Welcome to the Common Sense Department

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Attention: Looking For Parents With Backbones!

As a parent of two, I know that I am kind of new at the job, but being one of eight kids myself, I learned a lot about how kids test their parents.  I realize that there are a lot of bad influences out there that provoke some of our kids bad behavior, but I have also realized that most of their acting out comes from our reluctance or refusal to discipline our children from the time that they are young.  Too many parents now days either have this idea that if they discipline their kids that the kids will hate them for it or that discipline is unfair to kids.  That they should just let them express themselves.  I have never heard a larger load of crap in my life!!  Yes, your kids will get angry at you for taking control and not letting them get away with things, but they won't hate you, even if they say that.  It has been scientifically proven that even kids from abusive homes still love their abusive parents, so where do we get that horribly inaccurate notion?  And why do we let such crap control the way we raise our kids?  Yes, abusing kids is wrong, but disciplining them in a rational fashion has never killed them.  I mean, come on!  When our kids get out of control, we send them to boot camp, or if they are old enough, to the military, where they learn discipline and respect for people, but we are afraid to do this in our own homes!!  The media has a lot to do with it, because they latch on to the extremists ideas of how to raise kids and they promote it all over the place.  They don't condone abuse, but they jump to the other extreme of no discipline whatsoever and then they wonder why all our kids now days are so out of control.  It is our fault as parents for buying into this idea that we should give our kids everything they want, even if we know somewhere in the backs of our minds that it is bad for them, because we are so afraid of being bad parents.  But that is exactly what we end up being.  We, as parents, are responsible for teaching our children what is acceptable behavior and what is not, and guiding them in their journey of growing up.  And instead of doing just that, we have taken a backseat and we are letting our kids drive themselves into a brick wall.  I am not willing to let my children run MY household and I don't think that any other parent out there should be willing to do that either.  We all have different ideas of how we want to discipline our kids, and all kids respond differently to different kinds of discipline, but that doesn't mean that we need to let our fears or our kids control our lives.  We are the adults and we need to start acting like it.  We need to step up and start teaching our kids, guiding them and disciplining them.  Otherwise, we have lost the battle before it has even begun.

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