Welcome to the Common Sense Department

Welcome to the Common Sense Department

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Americans Are Channeling "The Grinch" This Christmas

Merry Christmas, or rather not so merry when you actually take a look at the state of society nowadays.  Not only is the "Great American Economy" in the toilet, but people seem to have lost sight of what being an American is supposed to be about.  This is supposed to be the country of possibilities, where anyone has the chance to succeed and there is always room for more at the top.  Where people looked out for their neighbors, took care of the poor out of the goodness of their hearts and worked together because in helping one succeed at something, everyone would benefit.  But our country has turned into a moral disaster area.  Politics are corrupt, the rich are the only ones who get a break and the government that was supposed to serve the people is making the people serve it, and doing a phenomenal job of getting away with it too.  People have gotten so caught up in the proverbial "who's dick is biggest" contest that the idea of working together and helping one another has become just about as foreign an idea as rocket science to a musician.  America has become a bunch of greedy, selfish, cruelly vindictive, self-important, self-righteous temper-tantrum throwing snobs obsessed with immediate gratification of whatever want we have at the moment with complete disregard as to who it might effect.  And the strange thing is that for the most part, Americans don't seem bothered by the fact that we have fallen to such an uncivilized low.  When did it become acceptable for adults to act like ill-mannered spoiled children?  And when did it become common practice to pretend that the homeless, hungry, and down-trodden in this country don't exist or even worse, "aren't our problem"?  When was the last time that you stopped to give a homeless person a dollar for a hot coffee, or just bought them a hot coffee if you were worried that they wouldn't spend it on something good for them?  When was the last time that you stepped outside of your own self-importance long enough to notice that your single parent neighbor is struggling to pay the bills and has nothing to give their children for Christmas, let alone money to pay for winter coats to keep them warm?  Everyone acts like its someone else's problem to look out for other people, but if everyone is passing the buck, who the hell is actually doing anything about it?  And who said it wasn't your problem to solve?  What kind of world is this becoming, that we just sit back on our hands and keep pretending that we don't notice how we are all so quick to screw each other over just to get ahead for a minute?  I'm not saying that we should give until we have nothing left, but I am saying that we should realize that we teach by example.  We teach giving back by giving back.  And if you ask me, I am tired of pretending not to notice that society is falling apart.  So, this is my verbal kick-in-the-ass wake-up call to the rest of you.  I pray that it works.    

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