Welcome to the Common Sense Department

Welcome to the Common Sense Department

Keep your mind open at all times. If you lack common sense of your own, please proceed in an orderly fashion to the nearest balcony and someone will be waiting to assist you over the edge.

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Strap in and hold on. It is bound to be a hell of a trip.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Idiots Need Not Apply...

Today's job market is all kinds of screwed up.  I was just reading an article the other day on the pros and cons of including a photograph of yourself with your resume when applying for jobs.  Has it really come down to that?  I mean, come on.  I can understand that kind of approach if someone is working in the modeling or stripper field, but for a job in any other field, it seems a bit conceited.  Most employers only want to see what you look like when you come in for the interview because they want to be sure that you know how to present yourself in a professional atmosphere.  They are more concerned with whether or not you have the experience, training and skills required to fill the position, not with whether or not you are going to be a physically attractive addition to their team. If getting jobs was based solely on looks, then we would be in a hell of a lot of trouble.  Oh, and to make matters worse, most of the people set to do the screening of applicants are young women between the ages of 24 and 35, so unless you are a male supermodel, don't bother.  Women are so obsessed with whether they are the prettiest person around that if you happen to be an attractive chick who included a picture with your resume, you won't even make it to the interview because the girl doing the screening is going to see you as competition and exclude you immediately.  Ah, the wonders of our society's double standards.  Its hard enough to be able to find a good paying job nowadays.  Why make it even harder by allowing people to include photographs with their resumes or by allowing them to be screened based upon the presence of a photograph, or the attractiveness of the person in the photograph, instead of it being based on a person's credentials?  In my opinion, the idiots who started this entire mess by including photos with their resumes have just screwed the rest of us by making things that much harder.  Everyone is always griping about how a book shouldn't be judged by its cover and how looks shouldn't be what is important, but this just completely blew away anyone's right to complain about that anymore.  Now whether or not you get the job is being based upon exactly that, instead of it being about what you have worked to achieve.  What kind of backwards redneck even decided that this would be beneficial to acquiring employment?  Resumes are supposed to be a highlight of your experience, training and skills acquired throughout your working career, not an application for who is the prettiest idiot in town.  When are people going to grow up and figure out that they need to put in the work to get what they want out of life, that life isn't just going to hand them the keys to the new Jaguar because they are pretty or their parents are rich?  This is nothing more than a brilliant example that most people in today's society haven't matured past high school and they are still expecting to float by based on their looks.  Being a successful adult isn't about how attractive you are.  Its about how hard you are willing to work and what kind of training you have.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Michigan Family Court is a Joke...

The state of Michigan says that it is a state that supports keeping families together, that it wants to be able to keep children with their biological parents if at all possible.  However, with my own experience with the family court system here in Michigan as evidence, I can tell you that I have never heard a larger load of shit in my life.  The government just tells people that they are pro-family to look good.  When it actually comes down to it, they have absolutely no programs in place to assist parents with getting their kids back, and they make it almost impossible to do so because it lines their pockets with federal dough to keep kids in the system.  If they actually were pro-family, they would have counselling services in place for the parents and kids for after the kids are in the system that would help the parents work on the issues needing to be fixed in order for them to get their children back.  They would have an advocacy program set up for parents so that court proceedings regarding the children don't just railroad the parents into getting their rights terminated.  They would have programs in place to assist the parents with finding stable employment, learning financial stability, parenting tips and stress-coping skills, and programs that would provide parents with the resources to acquire the needed material items necessary to taking care of the children once they are back in the family home.  Instead, parents are left to try to fix things themselves with agencies breathing down their necks about everything they are doing wrong, but no help to do it right.  Parents in this state have no chance at fixing their mistakes and being able to get their kids back unless they are loaded rich.  In which case, most of the time, they wouldn't end up in that situation to begin with because they would have the assets available to keep the state off their back, regardless of what they are doing wrong.  Yet another brilliant example of how screwed up our country has become that the government agencies only care about how much federal funding they can get, so they go out of their way to make it harder for kids to get out of the system than into it.  And they wonder why crime rates are high and prisons are full.  Its been scientifically proven that kids raised in the foster care system are more predisposed to growing up to be criminals than children who are raised with their biological families, yet they continue to perpetuate the problem because it gets them federal funding in the short term.  But the long term effects of this kind of blatant disregard for the natural order is that our prisons are over-crowded and under-funded and our streets are over-run with foster-care-children-turned-adult-criminals thanks to our greedy local politicians and government agency heads.  I am tired of all the dead-ends and wild goose chases that the family court likes to send parents on.  I am sick of all these stuck-up, self-important pricks who do nothing more than sit behind a desk and push paper all day trying to tell me that there is nothing I can do.  And while, admittedly, blowing up the government buildings and making them start over fresh with a new system sounds like a wonderful idea some days, I am not looking to get thrown in the slammer.  I just want my kids back, and if I have to start a political war and work my ass off to get the government to start setting up these badly needed programs, then so be it.  I just hope that I can find other people out there who see what I see and are willing to fight to make things right.      

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Attention: Looking For Parents With Backbones!

As a parent of two, I know that I am kind of new at the job, but being one of eight kids myself, I learned a lot about how kids test their parents.  I realize that there are a lot of bad influences out there that provoke some of our kids bad behavior, but I have also realized that most of their acting out comes from our reluctance or refusal to discipline our children from the time that they are young.  Too many parents now days either have this idea that if they discipline their kids that the kids will hate them for it or that discipline is unfair to kids.  That they should just let them express themselves.  I have never heard a larger load of crap in my life!!  Yes, your kids will get angry at you for taking control and not letting them get away with things, but they won't hate you, even if they say that.  It has been scientifically proven that even kids from abusive homes still love their abusive parents, so where do we get that horribly inaccurate notion?  And why do we let such crap control the way we raise our kids?  Yes, abusing kids is wrong, but disciplining them in a rational fashion has never killed them.  I mean, come on!  When our kids get out of control, we send them to boot camp, or if they are old enough, to the military, where they learn discipline and respect for people, but we are afraid to do this in our own homes!!  The media has a lot to do with it, because they latch on to the extremists ideas of how to raise kids and they promote it all over the place.  They don't condone abuse, but they jump to the other extreme of no discipline whatsoever and then they wonder why all our kids now days are so out of control.  It is our fault as parents for buying into this idea that we should give our kids everything they want, even if we know somewhere in the backs of our minds that it is bad for them, because we are so afraid of being bad parents.  But that is exactly what we end up being.  We, as parents, are responsible for teaching our children what is acceptable behavior and what is not, and guiding them in their journey of growing up.  And instead of doing just that, we have taken a backseat and we are letting our kids drive themselves into a brick wall.  I am not willing to let my children run MY household and I don't think that any other parent out there should be willing to do that either.  We all have different ideas of how we want to discipline our kids, and all kids respond differently to different kinds of discipline, but that doesn't mean that we need to let our fears or our kids control our lives.  We are the adults and we need to start acting like it.  We need to step up and start teaching our kids, guiding them and disciplining them.  Otherwise, we have lost the battle before it has even begun.

Americans Are Channeling "The Grinch" This Christmas

Merry Christmas, or rather not so merry when you actually take a look at the state of society nowadays.  Not only is the "Great American Economy" in the toilet, but people seem to have lost sight of what being an American is supposed to be about.  This is supposed to be the country of possibilities, where anyone has the chance to succeed and there is always room for more at the top.  Where people looked out for their neighbors, took care of the poor out of the goodness of their hearts and worked together because in helping one succeed at something, everyone would benefit.  But our country has turned into a moral disaster area.  Politics are corrupt, the rich are the only ones who get a break and the government that was supposed to serve the people is making the people serve it, and doing a phenomenal job of getting away with it too.  People have gotten so caught up in the proverbial "who's dick is biggest" contest that the idea of working together and helping one another has become just about as foreign an idea as rocket science to a musician.  America has become a bunch of greedy, selfish, cruelly vindictive, self-important, self-righteous temper-tantrum throwing snobs obsessed with immediate gratification of whatever want we have at the moment with complete disregard as to who it might effect.  And the strange thing is that for the most part, Americans don't seem bothered by the fact that we have fallen to such an uncivilized low.  When did it become acceptable for adults to act like ill-mannered spoiled children?  And when did it become common practice to pretend that the homeless, hungry, and down-trodden in this country don't exist or even worse, "aren't our problem"?  When was the last time that you stopped to give a homeless person a dollar for a hot coffee, or just bought them a hot coffee if you were worried that they wouldn't spend it on something good for them?  When was the last time that you stepped outside of your own self-importance long enough to notice that your single parent neighbor is struggling to pay the bills and has nothing to give their children for Christmas, let alone money to pay for winter coats to keep them warm?  Everyone acts like its someone else's problem to look out for other people, but if everyone is passing the buck, who the hell is actually doing anything about it?  And who said it wasn't your problem to solve?  What kind of world is this becoming, that we just sit back on our hands and keep pretending that we don't notice how we are all so quick to screw each other over just to get ahead for a minute?  I'm not saying that we should give until we have nothing left, but I am saying that we should realize that we teach by example.  We teach giving back by giving back.  And if you ask me, I am tired of pretending not to notice that society is falling apart.  So, this is my verbal kick-in-the-ass wake-up call to the rest of you.  I pray that it works.